The Gold Standard in Equine Massage

The Gold Standard in Equine Massage

  • Use to help alleviate muscle fatigue and reduce stiffness
  • A favorite of barrel racers nationwide
  • Relaxes, soothes and comforts. Promotes the healing process
  • Provides deep-penetrating oscillating action
  • 12 foot power cord for extended reach

The Equisports™ Massager is built in the USA to be Barn Tough! You too can be one of many horse owners, trainers and veterinarians who have incorporated the Equisports™ routine into their horse's exercise program.


The EQUISPORTS Massager is the only massager that I have found that I can safely work on the horses’ suspensory branches, stifles, and directly on the bone releasing tension in the knees and hocks.

Clell Usher

Rising Sun Equine Therapy, Inc.

The Equisports Massager has performed beyond my professional expectations! We had some serious back and leg problems to address and the massager did its job. I am totally satisfied with the benefits and will recommend it to fellow owners and trainers.

J.T. Burnley

Wren Wood Dressage, Fulton, KY